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API design and integration with 3 rd-party services: Drupal and dashboards for data visualization

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Attico completed a project for a financial company that required an API design and integration with third-party services. Attico's solution involved using Drupal and implementing a complex roles and permissions system along with graphical data visualization.

The project requirements, solutions and outcome


The project faced complex roles and permissions systems with several roles, such as Guest, Bank employee, Bank Leader, and Bank Admin.

Sophisticated filters were required in the list of employees, grouping and sorting to create reports

Graphical visualization of reported data

The goal

The client's goal was to create a web service as a SaaS that would allow financial companies to track individual progress in professional training, monitor employee achievement of yearly targets, and create reports on employee participation in training events.


What we did

We developed a solution that used Drupal, a flexible content management system, to create a web service that met the client's requirements.  Also, we implemented a custom module to handle the complex roles and permissions system, ensuring that users could access only the data they were authorized to view.

flexible content management system
Main dashboard

We used the views module to create reports with filtering and grouping options, and created custom modules to extend its functionality.

Finally, we used Chart.js, a JavaScript library, to create graphical data visualizations.

Dashboard bank


Attico successfully delivered a web service that:

  1. enables financial companies to track individual progress in professional training,
  2. monitors employee target achievement during the year,
  3. creates reports on past events and the employees who participated in them.


The client reported that over 600 financial organizations and 12,000 employees were registered on the site, demonstrating its success.

“The web service Attico created has been instrumental in our employee training program and”.

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