Transform a Drupal 9 site into an application on mobile devices using PWA

By Aliaksei Lyzo

PWA or Progressive Web Application is a technology that allows you to install your site on a smartphone as an application.

Once installed, users are able to launch it in one click from the icon on their home screen, see it in their app tray when they are switching between apps, or find it via an app search result. A PWA launches exactly like a platform-specific app: in a standalone experience, separate from the browser.

Progressive web application running on the basis and integrated with Drupal 9 web site is one of our current projects. Application is the source of truth, enabling logged in users to go through a series of personalized activities, observe activity results, and browse content lists based on individual recommendations.

The prompt to install the site as an application appears when the user accesses the site from a mobile device.

To register in the application, you need to specify the phone number and the SMS code sent to this number.

After authorization, the user enters the data of his child.

Registered users have access to recommended activities tailored to a child's needs and progress, and knowledge and insight to help parents understand the critical skills for learning.

The application has a highly functional collaborative filtering recommendation engine. The process begins with the collection of user information. Then a matrix is built to calculate the associations and, finally, a very reliable recommendation is given to different types of users.

The information provided in this app is brought to users by globally recognised experts in cognitive neuroscience and early childhood development

The user can rate the activity and answer questions when did it.

This information will be used by the recommendation engine to improve recommendation results for this user.

All content provided by the application is created and stored in the Drupal backend.

What are the advantages of PWA over the mobile version of the site?

  • Allows you to send push notifications.
  • Works faster than the site.
  • Works without Internet.
  • Can work with the geolocation function, camera and microphone of a mobile device

What are the advantages of PWA over native apps?

  • PWA development and support is cheaper.
  • You do not need to develop a separate website, iOS application and Android application. It is enough to have and maintain only a website.
  • PWA does not have to be placed in the AppStore and Google Play. It can be downloaded directly from your website.

Why Progressive Web Application can drive business success?

Users who install your PWA are likely your most engaged users, with better engagement metrics than casual visitors, including more repeat visits, longer time on site and higher conversion rates.

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