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Open Source CMS for the FMCG industry

Manage an unlimited number of websites, perform any integration, and conquer new markets - flexibly, quickly, reliably


Super Platform Performance


increase of the speed of feature delivery


faster time-to-market of new websites

By 10 times

decrease in the number of bugs

In 77% of cases

the security scan is passed on the first try

Up to29%

reduction in software cost

Up to90%

reduction in support cost


GDPR, MOBILE and SEO friendly

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Integrations of the Open Source CMS

Don’t limit your web pages to integration!

These charts show how a super platform integrates with other services. Here, you can see all integrations - so useful and necessary for FMCG brands.

Want to know how to be innovative?

Achievements of FMCG companies with a super platform

introduction of safe innovations
brand awareness on the new markets
maximum outreach to target audiences
attractive websites
personalized content
corporate communication facilitation
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I highly recommend Attico as a development partner. The company values its clients a lot.

I had the pleasure of working with the Attico team in 2019 on website development. The project was built on Drupal and involved the integration of third-party platform functionality.

The Attico team has high communication standards and aimed to deliver results to meet the client’s needs. They are also quite flexible in scheduling meetings and communicating with third-party partners to improve implementation quality and speed.

If I have a similar project in the future, I would consider working with Attico again.

Maria Dezhurko

Senior PR Manager

Wargaming, Belarus

We were happy to have Attico as our development partner. From the commencement of the project, the incremental delivery of the website was swift and way before the respective deadlines. We enjoyed the ability to communicate directly with the development team bypassing the bureaucracy which led to faster adoption of changes and bug fixing. 

I would highly recommend Attico as a team of highly skilled Drupal professionals to anyone seeking a reliable short- or long-term partner for Drupal-based development, capable of rendering high-quality deliverables in a multi-vendor environment in a timely manner. 

Jan Guardian

Head of Digital Marketing

Itransition, USA

I worked with the Attico team and personally with Henadzi Koltun in 2018-2019 on the project called the Impact Tracker. It was a complex web product built on Drupal. It needed multiple integrations and constant support. 

The Attico team made everything carefully and on time. The delivered service was perfect, both on the front-end and back-end sides.

Henadzi, as a team leader, has excellent communication skills. He is extremely organized, reliable, and flexible. He managed to organize the workflow efficiently, so the team managed to deliver all updates in a timely way and worked perfectly in emergencies.

I plan to continue working with Attico on projects that need special treatment and high-level quality.

Franak Viacorka

Digital Media Strategist

U.S. Agency for Global Media

Use cases: how an Open Source CMS works Use case 1.

Integration with the ERP System


Let’s suppose, you manage 40 websites for your brand. Our task is to integrate all your sites with the new ERP solution.

To do this, we did not integrate every website, but the core itself – the super platform.
All your websites are automatically integrated with the ERP system.


One integration costs about $2,000. It means that you would have to pay at least $80,000 for the total integration of your 40 websites with the ERP system.

Thanks to our innovative solution, you save $78,000 just on a single integration. (As a rule, the amount saved is much higher).

Use cases: how an Open Source CMS works Use case 2.

A landing page for a marketing campaign


Imagine, the Marketing Department of one of your local markets needs to deploy a new landing page for a PR campaign. Using the template modules presented on our platform, a marketing manager can create a skeleton of a landing page in a few clicks and fill it with content. 

As a result, the process of creating marketing campaigns ceases to be long and expensive. Moreover, there is no need to hire technical specialists for its development.

User cases: how an Open Source CMS works Use case 3.

The super platform contains numerous integrations with HR services.

An HR manager can use a variety of templates to create an unlimited number of landing pages for recruiting candidates. Inside the super platform, HR can collect resumes and process them.


Also, your HR can place corporate announcements and create questionnaires for employees in the system. And all this stuff they do quite quickly and without the help of technical specialists.

Use cases: how an Open Source CMS works Use case 4.

User-Friendly Admin Panel


Suppose, your corporation buys another company and you have to manage their non-Drupal-based website. If you force the employees of the purchased company to work with unknown Drupal, it may decrease their productivity.

Our super platform has an absolutely user-friendly admin panel. There is nothing excessive, only necessary features and functions. In addition, we’ll provide you with detailed technical documentation, which covers technical debt at the local level.

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