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Elevate Your Online Performance with Attico International’s Quality Products

Are you looking for quality products designed to meet your unique business needs? At Attico International, we are committed to providing world-class services and cutting-edge products for your long-term success. With an 86% client retention rate, we pride ourselves on building strong relationships with our clients, putting their needs first, and ensuring their long-term success.

Attico International offers a range of innovative products, including FMCG, Emergency Checkout, and WhyWine. They will improve your online performance, increase sales, and provide a seamless customer experience. Whether you are an FMCG company, a small business, a big enterprise, or a wine business, our solutions will elevate your business to the next level.


We help FMCG companies manage multiple websites with flexible and secure Super Platforms based on Open Source technologies. With our solution, FMCG corporations have complete control over their web management, conquer new local markets, and experience the spirit of innovations. We take pride in offering high-quality tech consulting to help our clients every step of the way, from project conception to deployment.

Decreased time-to-market

Attico International's Super Platforms, based on Open Source, can decrease time-to-market by 29%, ensuring FMCG brands can launch their products and websites quickly and efficiently.

Flexible website deployment

With Attico International's Super Platforms, FMCG brands can deploy their websites up to two times more flexibly, allowing them to manage multiple websites easily.

High-quality tech consulting

Attico International offers essential assistance to clients before the project starts, ensuring that FMCG brands receive the best possible guidance and support.

Adaptability to corporate policy

Attico International's team is flexible in adapting to customer processes and using agile tools to integrate with them.

Save money and time

Our team is committed to delivering high-quality platforms in a significantly shorter time (three times less) and at a competitive price point.

With our solution, FMCG companies will be able to:

Manage multiple websites with ease

Launch products and websites quickly and efficiently

Receive high-quality tech consulting

Enjoy significant cost and time savings

Emergency Checkout

Our Emergency Checkout is a must-have for small businesses and large enterprises. This innovative solution utilizes user psychology combined with error prediction methods. These techniques help us detect any defects a user may face in websites before they become problematic. With Emergency Checkout, you can ensure your customers will have a smooth and seamless experience from start to finish.

Immediate start within 24 hours

You don't need to prepare project documentation or finalize requirements to make the test happen. Simply provide us with the link.

Proficient Testers

The product is handled exclusively by experienced specialists whose "eyesight" allows them to identify unusual defects in non-linear scenarios.

Fast results in 7 days

Well-established processes allow us to guarantee that within 7 days, we will conduct an analysis and provide a detailed test report and recommendations for optimizing the current state.


We have balanced Emergency Checkout as a truly efficient partner product.

With our solution, you will be able to:

Achieve a smooth and seamless experience for customers

Benefit from experts who can identify unusual defects

Receive a detailed test report with recommendations for optimization

Enjoy a fixed price for the service Learn more


WhyWine is Attico International’s comprehensive online promotion platform for wine businesses. It offers a range of benefits, including process automation, business upscaling, increased sales, and risk distribution. With WhyWine, you can launch your online wine store in just one day without financial investments or the need to learn code and benefit from 24/7 support. The platform also provides various features, such as basic tools for SEO promotion, integration of analytics on the website, a catalog for 100 items with sorting and filtering, and the option to add dozens of other modules and technical solutions as needed.

Flexible website deployment

Launch your online wine store in just 1 day without any financial investments or learning to code.

Decreased time-to-market

SEO and promotional campaigns bring interested visitors and increase sales.


Mobile version of the website, adaptation of the color pattern for your brand, and creation of additional pages with your information.

Easy way to pay

Payments for purchases with a bank card or e-money via secure protocols and personal account for purchase history, discounts, and favorite goods.

With our solution, you will be able to:

Launch your online wine store quickly and easily without financial investments or learning to code

Promote your business

Increase sales

Provide a seamless customer experience


At Attico International, we are committed to constantly improving our products and services to meet the ever-evolving needs of businesses. We understand that the key to our success is your success, so we’re always looking for ways to improve our offerings and provide tailored solutions to drive your growth.

That’s why we will continue expanding our product line in the future. By partnering with Attico International, you can trust that you have access to the latest innovations and technologies and a dedicated team that is always striving to deliver world-class services to help you achieve your business goals.

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