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Baby Food

A full digital transformation of the FMCG brand

Project background

About a client 

Our client is one of the divisions of the international FMCG Corporation. Being a large player in the baby food market, the company produces a new generation of foods for infants in the first months of post-natal life.

How Attico got involved in the project

Before the project, our company had earned success and mutual benefit in cooperation with another branch of the FMCG Corporation, which recommended us to a baby food manufacturer as an experienced Open Source developer. 

We were accepted into the project since we fit the following criteria:

  • Years of experience in dealing with similar FMCG corporations, excellent knowledge, and a strong understanding of the project's business part.
  • Deep expertise in Open Source development, in particular, Drupal. 

Situation analysis

Each local branch of the company has a website. In total, the company manages 50 websites, which are divided into three time-zone groups. The company got a digital web presence with an Open Source CMS platform written in Drupal 7.

The platform was provided with the required functionality and tools that allow managing corporate websites easily. However, the company needed professional assistance in optimizing the business goals of the websites.

Challenges of consumer goods company

Business challenge

Our client's brand is a brand with a history. Over the decades, the company has managed to maintain a high-quality offering and receive worldwide recognition. But the other side of the coin is that young and innovative brands are breathing down the company's neck. 

The company realized that losing market share is a valid reason for putting going digital. 

Client's business goal 

The primary business goal of the corporation is a complete digital transformation as an ability to act and react to changing conditions and strategies to succeed. The company wants to make the brand fully mobile.

The corporation's marketing strategy is based on an absolutely revised approach to the website. Marketing to young people as the core target audience was a new business practice that required different features and custom functionality of the website.

Local specificity issues

Each local market of the corporation has a different demand for products. It means some products are among top-selling items in one area, but not so popular in another. Therefore, our task was to develop functionality so that products could be positioned differently on each local website. 

Technical challenge

Drupal 7 will reach end-of-life in 2022. So the company assigned the task to Attico experts to migrate all 50 websites from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8. We redesigned the website and moved it to the other hosting provider simultaneously.

The company also required to improve the existing Open Source CMS platform. The Attico team had to:

  • create a website visual identity that aligns to the brand;
  • cheapen technical support;
  • eliminate the corruption factor;
  • provide digital support to local representative offices;
  • make websites easier to manage.


case_ landing

Result of FMCG company


functional scalability

3 times

increase in the speed of feature delivery (from 6 to 2 months)

10 times

faster time-to-market of new websites

By 10 times

decrease in the number of bugs


 of cases the security scan is passed on the first try


GDPR, MOBILE, and SEO friendly

$8 million annually

cost savings on hosting in case of moving of all corporation branches

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