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Drupal Integrations

We have over 10 years of Drupal experience. For our clients, we've integrated numerous services with Drupal: from Salesforce and Google Analytics to Tencent and the Ministry of Health of Brazil.

Whether you need a simple, common integration or something rare and complicated, we can help.


Examples of integrations we made for our clients

Salesforce logo grey

Drupal Salesforce integration

Shopify logo grey

Drupal Shopify integration

Lazada logo grey

Drupal Lazada integration

Stripe logo grey

Drupal Stripe integration

Google play logo grey

Drupal Google Play integration

AppStore logo grey

Drupal Apple App Store integration

WeChat logo grey

Drupal WeChat integration

Tencent logo grey

Drupal Tencent integration

Line logo grey

Drupal Line integration

Hashting logo grey

Drupal Hashting integration

Sogec logo grey

Drupal Sogec integration

Firebase logo grey

Drupal Firebase and Firebase Cloud Messaging integrations

Dialogflow logo grey

Drupal Google Dialogflow integration

Google analytics logo grey

Drupal Google Analytics integration

Google tag manager logo grey

Drupal Google Tag Manager integration

PriceSpider logo grey

Drupal PriceSpider integration

Adimo logo grey

Drupal Adimo integration

Bazaarvoice logo grey

Drupal Bazaarvoice integration

Valassis logo grey

Drupal Valassis integration

Twilio logo grey

Drupal Twilio integration

Mailchimp logo grey

Drupal Mailchimp integration

StoreLocatorWidgets logo grey

Drupal StoreLocatorWidgets integration

Facebook logo grey

Drupal Facebook Messenger integration

Ministry of Health of Brazil logo grey

Drupal and the Ministry of Health of Brazil integration


CIAM integration with Drupal

Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) solutions can be delivered via software that can be deployed on-premises, in private clouds, or via identity-as-a-service (IDaaS) platforms. Some platforms expose their capabilities—including admin capabilities—via APIs and are geared toward development teams who want to embed CIAM services into their applications.

Regardless of the delivery method, the goal is to make the experience of accessing digital applications seamless and secure.

In our projects, we utilize the IDaaS platform SAP Customer Data Cloud (formerly Gigya). This service supports integration with Drupal 7/8/9

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