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Partnership for agencies

Leverage our technical expertise & seasoned development team to win larger digital projects from major FMCG brands, universities, and governments

Let's discuss your agency's growth!

Benefit from our domain knowledge, and let us assist in pre-sales and up-sales.


Sustainable progress, reliable partnership

Examples of clients who entrusted us with their app development, and digital / design agencies that consider us a trusted development partner:


The world’s largest food and beverage company
We have been providing development services to several Nestlé brands since 2019

Independent agency of the United States government that broadcasts news and information. Together, USAGM entities communicate each week with more than 410 million people across the globe.

Wyeth has pioneered infant and young child nutrition since 1915. Their relentless challenging of science for the past 100 years has led to some of the most significant breakthroughs in infant nutrition.

Software product development and consulting company focused on digital transformation services headquartered in Germany and USA

Berlin-based awards-winning Agency. Our partner since 2020

International IT outsourcing provider, with HQ in Munich, Germany. Our partner since 2019

Leading game developer and publisher with $1.1 billion annual revenue

Expert DevOps, DevSecOps, and Digital Transformation Services and Solutions for enterprises. Bnei Brak, Israel

4 years average project cooperation period

NPS 87% constant level of customer loyalty

10 years on the market

Agile development


Attico’s Customary Results:

  • 100% GDPR, mobile and SEO-friendly Web Applications.
  • 96% first-try success rate for large brands' security & performance scan.
  • 10x decrease in the number of bugs, thanks to Shift Left Testing and autotesting.
  • 3x increase in the speed of feature delivery.
  • 10 times faster time-to-market for new websites with our Super Platforms.
  • 2-10 times faster time-to-market for new mobile apps with our Mobile App Platforms.

What Our Partnership Entails

Big and reliable team

Strengthening your team

  • Our team of expert developers joins your agency as a white-label external partner, working under your brand. Your clients engage with us under your contract. They pay you, then you pay us our part.
  • Whether your current or potential client has a small urgent issue or a large ambitious project, we can surely handle it.


Scaling your business

  • You sell more and win larger projects, as clients desire to obtain strategy, design, and development from a single source. Simultaneously, by providing world-class app development services, you enhance client satisfaction, loyalty, and extend cooperation duration.
  • With our extensive technical expertise and domain knowledge, we are extremely helpful in pre-sales for tenders and in up-sales to current clients. Our technical experts attend all required sales meetings with clients.

Expertise and work ethics

Our expertise and work ethics

  • We provide technical consultancy. We carefully analyze each request for functionality development within a project, align it with industry best practices and the current project architecture, and propose the most optimal solution in terms of cost, value, and functional coverage of requirements.
  • Our partnership allows you to focus on your core operations without worrying about management or oversight. We believe that our reputation and optimal results for the client have the highest priority.

How We Share Revenue:

Client’s orderWho worksHour rateYour revenueAttico’s revenue

Strategy and Concept

Design and UX

Account management

Your agency€100€100

Backend development

Frontend development

Attico International€100€50€50
Total  €150€50

The decision on pricing for client-facing development costs beyond our €50 rate is up to you. Some partners choose not to add their own margin, resulting in lower overall costs for the client.

Support levels

Success story

Last year, in collaboration with us, Taikonauten achieved:

  • 2 large projects successfully completed, each exceeding 4000 hours.
  • 10 ongoing projects under active development.
  • Bright prospects for the upcoming years.

Our symbiotic partnership stabilized their business post-COVID and significantly multiplied billable hours.

Let’s discuss your agency’s growth!

Taikonauten profited and grew from our partnership; now it’s your turn!

What we do: Enterprise-level apps, services and solutions


Drupal Multisite development services

Attico International leverages the Drupal multisite feature to help business owners build and maintain multiple websites that share a single codebase, thus effectively reducing TCO and facilitating their management.

Mobile App Platform (MAP)

Mobile App Platform

Advanced platform for rapid creating multibrand and multilingual mobile apps for both iOS and Android.


Migration from Drupal 7 to 10

Our team offers Drupal migration services for projects of any complexity to provide you with a worry-free transition from Drupal 7 to a newer version.


Drupal support & maintenance services

We render on-demand and retainer Drupal support services to address your ad-hoc business requirements, technical and security emergencies, and ongoing maintenance needs.


Performance optimization

Our engineers fine-tune the performance of your Drupal site to help you speed it up, thus increasing conversion rate, customer satisfaction, and search engine ranking.


Search engine optimization services

From ongoing SEO and a thorough audit to search optimization strategy development and implementation we give your site the visibility it needs to attract more customers.

More services and solutions we provide: Learn

Case studies

Successfully Migrating a Trademark Registration Website from Drupal 7 to Drupal 9

Read more

The new Drupal 9 site is now secure, mobile-first, multilingual, open to integration with third-party apps, handy in content creation, adheres to web accessibility standards, and clean and efficient in code.

The site database stores information about 5,200+ trademarks registered since 2016 and 4,000+ clients worldwide, and the reliable storage, availability, and security of this data have been ensured in the long term.

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A Complete Digital Transformation: 50 Websites Migration from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8 for an FMCG Corporation

Read more
  • The corporation now has a Multisite Platform that enables effortless management and rapid creation of multilingual multisites.
  • The websites are 100% mobile-, GDPR-, and SEO-friendly, with centralized development managed through a single core at Headquarters. Any developed module, including the AI engine, can be reused across all sites.
  • AI engine recommends articles, products, tools, and services to site users, leading to an increased average visitor time on the website and improved conversions.
Read more

University of Applied Sciences’: Migration a Multilingual Website with Thousands of Users from Drupal 7 to Drupal 9

Read more
  • The university’s new website is mobile-friendly, with a modern design, and perfectly caters to the needs of various departments, institutes, and faculties.
  • New features significantly streamlined the management of user access, publications, images, and application deadlines.
  • The integration of third-party platforms improved the user experience and provided easier access to various publications and podcasts.
Read more

More customer success stories:  Learn

Technology Stack

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Need an integration? Let’s discuss costs and possibilities in a complimentary consultation:

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Key results

We ensure your clients' satisfaction and loyalty

With our world-class development services, clients' key stakeholders not only meet their business targets but also often earn personal promotions.

Let's explore why clients love us:

Franak Viacorka Digital Media Strategist

I worked with the Attico team and personally with Henadzi Koltun in 2018-2019 on the project called the Impact Tracker. It was a complex web product built on Drupal. It needed multiple integrations and constant support.

The Attico team made everything carefully and on time. The delivered service was perfect, both on the front-end and back-end sides.

Henadzi, as a team leader, has excellent communication skills. He is extremely organized, reliable, and flexible. He managed to organize the workflow efficiently, so the team managed to deliver all updates in a timely way and worked perfectly in emergencies.

I plan to continue working with Attico on projects that need special treatment and high-level quality.

Maria Dezhurko Senior PR Manager

I highly recommend Attico as a development partner. The company values its clients a lot.

I had the pleasure of working with the Attico team in 2019 on website development. The project was built on Drupal and involved the integration of third-party platform functionality.

The Attico team has high communication standards and aimed to deliver results to meet the client’s needs. They are also quite flexible in scheduling meetings and communicating with third-party partners to improve implementation quality and speed.

If I have a similar project in the future, I would consider working with Attico again.

Jan Guardian Head of Digital Marketing

We were happy to have Attico as our development partner. From the commencement of the project, the incremental delivery of the website was swift and way before the respective deadlines. We enjoyed the ability to communicate directly with the development team bypassing the bureaucracy which led to faster adoption of changes and bug fixing.

I would highly recommend Attico as a team of highly skilled Drupal professionals to anyone seeking a reliable short- or long-term partner for Drupal-based development, capable of rendering high-quality deliverables in a multi-vendor environment in a timely manner.

Big and reliable team

Big and reliable team

  • 60+ seasoned developers and experts.
  • Dedicated team for every large project.
  • Team’s scalability. Thanks to the principles of Agile, we can easily incorporate extra experts and developers into your project within a particular sprint, if required.
  • Over 10 years of Drupal experience.
  • Focus on security, scalability and privacy.

Pricing tax

Costs of development and support

  • Favorable hourly rate.
  • Optimal solutions for reducing development and support costs while increasing feature delivery and app releasing speed.
  • Consistently high productivity within each hour. We proactively address employee burnout by preventing overtime, encouraging vacations, and covering R&D hours at the Attico's expense. 
  • We standardize or automate typical and repeating tasks, increasing support and development speed and efficiency.

Agile development

The whole company works Agile

  • Fixed sprints following Scrum methodology, guided by Agile principles.
  • Scrum master or project coordinator for each project, who possesses complete information, and provides honest feedback.
  • Direct communications with our dedicated developers, team members and CEO if required
  • Jira (with automated space synchronization) and Confluence, used to accumulate and store the entire project backlog, brainstorming history, and documentation.

Expertise and work ethics

Work ethics

  • Reputation.
    If we know a better solution, we always insistently suggest it to the client, even if implementing such a solution we earn significantly less. We believe that our reputation and optimal results for the client have the highest priority.
  • Proactiveness. 
    80% of our clients initially approached us with a small urgent task, seeking assistance in fixing something.
    In addition to completing the task, we conducted a complimentary discovery of their project, such as performing a site scan and providing the client with a list of vulnerabilities along with a plan for their resolution. As a result, they entrusted us with significant projects, leading to long-term collaborations.
  • Transparency.
    We are always honest in our communications. For example, when we received a request for our first Shopify project, we openly answered we lacked prior experience with the platform and would need to study it. Only after the client agreed to this, did we undertake the project and successfully create a Shopify store for them.


Benefits of open source and contribution to the Drupal community︎︎

  • Full ownership and control of all the artifacts. 
  • Substantial cost savings. 
    Open Source solutions have no license fees. As a result, our clients reduce project support costs by up to 90%.
  • Advanced Security. 
    ‘Drupal’ is synonymous with advanced security. Over 1,000,000 members of the Drupal community, project maintainers, and 30 expert members of the Security Team consistently collaborate to identify potential vulnerabilities and release security fixes.
  • Pre-made solutions. 
    Large organizations, like Harvard University, invested millions in developing advanced web applications. They then converted these apps into Drupal modules and contributed them to the community. Utilizing these ready-made modules at no cost, our clients dramatically reduced the costs and time of developing their advanced applications.
  • Active contribution to the ongoing improvement of the digital world.
    After reducing development costs with contributed ready-made Drupal modules, we assist our clients in contributing back to society. A significant part of the product developed with us can be turned into Drupal modules and shared with the community. Here's an example of Attico's module utilized by tens of thousands of websites: 

We are evangelists of open source who believe that it’s the best way for company digitalization which helps to reuse, save resources, as well as improve personal and team knowledge without borders and discrimination

Henadzi Koltun CEO, Founder
Henadzi Koltun

How to Start?

1 - Get to Know Us:

We arrange a call to help you understand if we're a good fit for your needs. Ask us any questions, and decide if our answers align with your expectations.

2 - Give Us a Test:

Assign us a small task or let us fix an issue. This way, you get to experience our skills and efficiency firsthand.

3 - Partnership:

If you're satisfied with our performance and results, we start our symbiotic partnership and begin our journey towards mutual growth!