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Drupal Multisite development services

Attico International leverages the Drupal multisite feature to help business owners build and maintain multiple websites that share a single codebase, thus effectively reducing TCO and facilitating their management.


What is Drupal Multisite

Drupal multisite is a feature of Drupal that allows multiple websites to be served from a single codebase, whereas each site has its own database, configuration, files, and base domain or URL.

This feature is particularly useful for business owners who manage multiple websites that mostly share the same features and looks. Opting for a multisite aids in the update of their functionality and outlook as the changes are implemented only once for the entire range of websites.

Shared vs. dedicated entities Running a multisite setup enables businesses to choose which specific entities they want to share across the spectrum of their sites and which entities they want to keep unique.


You can opt for having either shared or unique content for each of the sites in a multisite setup.


You can either share modules and their customizations between your sites or have different ones on each site.


You can choose which elements of the configuration should be shared between multiple sites.


You can pick a site-specific theme or have the same theme with or without minor changes across all sites.

Drupal Multisite development

Our engineers craft Drupal multisites from scratch in demanding scenarios where businesses seek to simplify the management of a multitude of similar websites.

We take great care in creating scalable Drupal multisites that do not acquire technical debt and enjoy swift and easy customization, deployment, and maintenance, while their owners are able to launch new instances quicker and at a lower cost.

Migrating to Drupal multisite

Our team consolidates disparate Drupal sites within a single multisite setup for those seeking to streamline their website infrastructure and introduce more transparency, accountability, and unity into its operation. These are the steps that we follow:

  1. Backing up your existing site. Before making any changes, we create a backup of all your current Drupal sites, including their databases and media so that nothing gets lost.
  2. Setting up a new Drupal multisite. We install fresh copies of Drupal on their respective servers, establishing the necessary directory structure and configuration files for the multisite setup along the way.
  3. Copying files and databases. We copy the files and database from existing Drupal sites to the appropriate locations in the new multisite setup and make sure that the data has been transferred correctly.
  4. Configuring the new multisite. We introduce a shared codebase to the setup and update the configuration files of the multisite to reflect the specific settings that each site should have.
  5. Test and troubleshoot. Once the migration is complete, we thoroughly test each site to ensure everything is functioning as expected and address any issues or errors that may arise during the testing process.

Drupal Multisite benefits

Drupal multisite offers several benefits that make it an attractive option for managing multiple websites. Our team will help you leverage to the max by moving your Drupal solution to a multisite or by building one from scratch:

Cost savings

By using a single codebase, you can save on development costs by not having to create related sites from scratch. This can be especially beneficial if your website family is going to have similar functionality, share important Drupal modules, or use the same Drupal distribution.

Efficient website management

Managing multiple websites becomes more efficient with Drupal multisite. You can perform certain actions, such as website upgrades, content sharing, and making changes, on one site without having to repeat them on all the others.

Brand consistency

Multisite architecture makes it easier to stick to brand guidelines for design across websites. This can ensure a consistent look and feel for your brand across different sites.

Quick launch

With Drupal multisite, the new website of your brand can be spun up more easily due to a shared codebase and a streamlined deployment process for all sites in the multisite mix.

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