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Drupal LMS development

Attico has proven experience in Drupal LMS consulting and development that allows us to conceptualize and create cutting-edge e-learning systems.

Agile development


Attico International renders a full spectrum of learning management system development services based on Drupal, from consulting to integration. The combination of Drupal as our core competency and e-learning as one of our strongest spheres of expertise creates a perfect match for your business’ unparalleled outcomes.

We are committed to providing consulting services and technology audits to help you streamline the LMS implementation and address common adoption challenges. We’ll find the answers to all your questions related to Drupal LMSs, no matter how complex they may seem:

  1. How can I choose the best LMS platform for my business?
  2. How can you make my current LMS more competitive?
  3. What’s the project budget for building an LMS from scratch?
  4. Can you define the development roadmap and identify possible risks?

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Thorough discovery is a cornerstone for a successful implementation of a learning management system into your IT infrastructure and business landscape. Hence, Attico approaches it with due diligence as we fully understand the need to align existing implementation options with your expectations. With this in mind, we conduct a discovery interview with the customer and gather additional materials in order to provide a clear understanding of the project’s context, validate requirements, and point the team in the right direction. We usually follow a three-stage process, each with its own goals, steps, and deliverables:

Team onboarding. Everything starts with determining the optimal composition of the team and briefing them on the project. Project Manager introduces the team members to a client and provides everyone with access to communication channels.


  • List of project team members with their skills
  • List of communication channels

Requirements gathering. Сollecting and documenting all the information needed to define the future system and determining the priority of each business requirement as critical or optional. This is a basis for a clear common vision of our strategic objectives.


  • Business requirements document

Competitor analysis. We conduct competitor analysis that involves researching major competitors, their LMSs, sales, and marketing tactics. This allows us to better understand industry specifics in order to identify opportunities and respond to challenges.


  • Competitor analysis report

Our solutions of choice

Having worked with a range of Drupal-based, independent, and custom LMS solutions throughout the years we’ve settled on a few that we believe will suit your needs best. 

While we do acknowledge that usually there’s no one-size-fits-all LMS and that the choice will depend on how complex and versatile your learning program is, we still can say that we favor the Drupal-based ones.

Advantages of a Drupal-based LMS:

  • No user license fee so you can use all budgets for development.
  • Flexibility and scalability thanks to Drupal’s open-source nature, which allows for unlimited customization capabilities.
  • Drupal’s integrations capabilities allow you to connect your LMS to any software to provide a more comprehensive learning ecosystem.
  • Drupal is compatible with the main e-learning standards such as SCORM and Tin Can API (xAPI).
  • Utmost security. The Drupal community constantly updates and secures the latest vulnerabilities as soon as they are identified.

Opigno is a tailored Drupal-based LMS for organizations of any type and size. Why do we love Opigno? Because it has a lot of out-of-the-box functionality needed to design a great learning platform so it allows for a quick start.

Creating courses

Opigno uses a built-in authoring tool to design courses. For blended learning, you can combine online modules with in-house sessions and virtual classrooms.

Organizing users into classes

Organizations can create and manage workgroups and set up virtual classrooms to differentiate content between classes or departments.

Managing the education process

Administrators can manage everything from content, user roles, and classes to skill acquisition. They can also organize the learning journey into courses, modules, lessons, and activities and analyze training statistics.

Doing branding and design

Opigno has vast customization capabilities, enabling businesses to brand it and align its outlook with their corporate style.

Engaging users

Opigno LMS can engage learners with gamification, training simulation, quizzes, hand-out badges, and certificates. It integrates with H5P and Tin Can (xAPI) to deliver interactive content.

Who we serve

Attico International develops learning management systems ranging in scope and complexity depending on your organization’s goals, requirements, and operational scenario. Our clients are organizations of all sizes looking for a reliable Drupal development partner for their e-learning needs.


Traditional educational institutions such as universities, colleges, and schools that are willing to embrace innovative teaching approaches.


Commercial companies investing in online learning for upskilling initiatives, such as educating their staff or clients on using their products.


Global EdTech service providers offering seminars and online courses to students and professionals for the purpose of education.

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We will tell you about the LMS capabilities for your company's needs and conduct a demo

Goals we help you achieve

Classic education

When education is your line of business, digitalize knowledge acquisition with an LMS.

Product onboarding

Enable your users to learn the product’s features and how to use it efficiently.

Customer retention

Deliver training to clients or even prospects as part of your customer retention strategy.

Community growth

Leverage your LMS to attract new community members in order to grow it effectively.

Attraction marketing

Offer subsidiary educational services to attract more customers to your product or service.

Brand loyalty

Turn your LMS users into loyal customers by showing them your care and building trust.

Mobile learning

We leverage mobile learning to allow your customers access educational materials from smartphones or tablets, capitalizing on their capabilities to facilitate learning anytime and anywhere.

Mobile web

In scenarios where your users require on-the-go engagement while you yourself are under tight budget constraints we ensure mobility by enabling responsiveness of your e-learning solution across the entire range of screen resolutions and form factors.

Mobile Application Platform

With the Mobile Application Platform, our proprietary Drupal mobility enablement solution, we develop native iOS and Android applications that accompany your web-based solution, reusing its content and interactive assets at a fraction of the cost of traditional mobile development.


Learning gamification

Attico International applies gamified learning strategies including points, contests, leaderboards, and reward systems to promote learners’ engagement.

80% of learners say that their productivity would improve if their organization was more game-like (TalentLMS)

Benefits of learning gamification:

  • Accelerating learning process
  • Building social connections
  • Increasing engagement and retention levels
  • Making tedious tasks more fun
  • Enhancing training experience

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