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Drupal Multilanguage Enablement

Attico International leverages multilingual capabilities of Drupal to help you communicate your message to prospective customers with the entire diversity of the world’s languages.


Drupal entity translation

Whether the need for multilingual support on your Drupal site is driven by a legislative requirement or your desire to spread the word about your business across other markets — we can help you implement it.

Our team can introduce multilingual features with an unlimited number of languages to any Drupal entities in whole or in part. Be it your content, user interface, or configuration.


We implement translatability for the full spectrum of Drupal content entities, their subtypes, and fields, including but not limited to node pages, comments, custom blocks, taxonomy terms, and user accounts.


Our team sets up a multilingual interface for your site covering registration forms, content submission, and administration interfaces, and replaces the elements of the interface with customized text if necessary.


We also translate Drupal configurations spanning views, contact module categories, vocabularies, menus, blocks, and your site name into all the required languages.

Localization customization

We customize Drupal’s in-built localization capabilities in atypical scenarios where the desired language has its peculiarities with declensions and plurals as they need special treatment.

Multilingual SEO

Our SEO engineers optimize your multilingual content so that it becomes searchable in the target markets and drives better organic search results by:

  • Implementing dedicated URLs with a language indicator either via country-code top-level domains, or subdirectories/subdomains with a generic top-level domain.
  • Choosing and embedding effective multilingual keywords that align with the content.
  • Adding multiple hreflang attributes for pages intended for multiple regions.

Localization testing

Attico International helps owners of multilingual sites to test them and make sure they are well-suited for people of different languages, cultures, and ethnicities. In doing so we analyze the translations and locale-specific features and modifications to provide localized browsing experience:

Legal requirements testing

We perform comprehensive checks to make sure that your site complies with local regulations for cookies’ consent, data protection, and accessibility.

Usability testing

Our specialists test the website for the use of measuring units, currencies, date formats, and local standards that aren’t commonly used in their particular locale.

Controls testing

Our QA engineers thoroughly test your website’s controls, paying particular attention to their tooltips, placeholders, tabs, pop-ups, labels, errors.

Encoding & rendering

Our team makes sure that the characters are encoded properly and that the fonts are rendered well for each locale.

Interface testing

We check the user interface for grammatical errors, wrong glyphs, the use of culturally-important colors, and text direction inherent to the region in question.

Language targeting

Addressing a particular audience with respective localization of your site is crucial to successful targeting. Our engineers implement both out-of-the-box and custom methods for language detection to let you serve proper content to your users without forcing them to choose their language before entering the site.

Browser locale

Pick the language used by the browser.

IP address

Determine the language via the user's IP address.

URL prefix or domain

Pick the language specified in the URL path prefix or domain.

Session parameters

Determine the language from a request/session parameter.

User preferences

Use the language set in the user's preferences.


Localized marketing

Owning a multilingual Drupal site lets you engage in localized marketing and tailor your marketing efforts to particular cultures, regions, and languages.

By customizing your strategy for specific locales, you can make sure that you’re getting the best return on investment from your localization efforts. Our team can help you adjust all of your key marketing content for each locale and set up analytics to be able to track important marketing metrics based on website locale.

  • Conversion rate optimization
  • Increased user engagement
  • Improved brand reputation

Handling missing content

Owning a multilingual Drupal site requires you to address scenarios where some content hasn’t been translated to all languages either for cultural or for business reasons. We help Drupal site owners reinforce their localization efforts by effectively addressing missing translations through a range of strategies:

Using fallback languages

Our localization specialists implement placeholder text for untranslated content to allow you to show different, yet still meaningful content to your users instead of a blank screen or an error. This provides your website visitors with page context and allows them to execute their intent.

Displaying errors

We define custom informative errors to be displayed in cases where a translation is missing. We build custom navigation options on top of that to make sure that the user experience is not affected by partial localization that much.

Setting up redirects

Our developers can set up redirect rules that govern cases of missing local content to forward your users to related or generic pieces of content on your site.

Content translation services

Attico International provides translation and localization services to businesses seeking to expand their presence to other markets. In doing so we:

  1. Assess whether your Drupal site is ready to go global, and provide you with a set of recommendations.
  2. Implement the missing functionality and features to enable proper localization and translation of your content on Drupal.
  3. Translate all types of your content including the interface of your website to ensure that every touch point it has is multilingual.

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