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Drupal development for higher education

Attico International provides top-notch Drupal development services tailored specifically for the higher education sector. We empower educational organizations to achieve their e-learning goals by integrating digital technologies.

Drupal development for higher education

Who we serve


Traditional educational institutions such as universities, colleges, and schools that are willing to embrace innovative teaching approaches.

Commercial companies

Commercial companies investing in online learning for upskilling initiatives, such as educating their staff or clients on using their products.


Global EdTech service providers offering seminars and online courses to students and professionals for the purpose of education.

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Our solutions are designed to enhance learning experiences, simplify administrative tasks, and foster innovation in EdTech. Be it a university website or an enterprise LMS, we guarantee that our systems are:


Secure to safeguard confidential information


Responsive for optimum mobile viewing


Feature-rich to promote interactivity

Easy to maintain

Easy to maintain to reduce dependency on the IT department

Fast and stable

Fast and stable to ensure a great user experience


Scalable to adapt to increased traffic

Education solutions

Learning management systems

Attico develops learning management systems of any complexity to allow organizations to streamline their training content. We select Drupal-based LMS solutions, such as Opigno and Anu, because they offer extensive features, flexibility, and a high degree of customization.

School management solutions

Facilitate administrative tasks, automate workflows, and improve communication with school management solutions by Attico’s team. Our solutions will save your school administrators from daily hassles and help you enhance operations.

Mobile learning apps

At Attico, we develop mobile learning apps that are tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients and provide engaging learning experiences for users anytime and anywhere. Mobile apps are seamlessly integrated with your website, ensuring synchronized user databases, consistent interfaces, and automatic content updates.

Learning experience platforms

Whether you’re just starting out with LXP or looking to optimize an existing platform, we’ve got you covered. Our team provides custom LXP development services, enabling companies to deliver personalized and engaging learning experiences to their employees.

Massive open online courses

Should you need to develop massive open online courses aimed at unlimited participation, Attico is here to assist you. We build scalable MOOCs for delivering high-quality educational content to the global audience.


Attico provides a wide range of Drupal services for higher education, including consulting, integration, and custom development.

EdTech consulting

Get valuable insights and recommendations from Attico’s team for your educational product. Our Drupal expert will help you define the optimal feature set, choose the appropriate technology stack, recommend integrations, strategize on interface design, and craft a detailed project plan tailored to your needs.

Design system implementation

At Attico, we develop and implement a design system that reflects your brand, improves user experience, and creates a unified style for diverse audiences: students, parents, alumni, teachers, and professors.

Third-party integration

To maximize the functionality and efficiency of your educational website, our team can seamlessly integrate it with various systems and tools:

  • Email marketing
  • Accounting
  • Data analytics
  • Surveying
  • Social media

Custom development

Leveraging Drupal, we develop custom e-learning solutions to meet the unique requirements and objectives of your educational institution. By digitalizing the traditional learning environment, we help you increase operational efficiency, improve the university ranking, and increase competitiveness in higher education.

Mobile enablement

With 67% of people preferring accessing e-learning resources on mobile devices over desktop computers, mobile learning is a must for higher education. We optimize your website for mobile devices to ensure its convenience for users on the go.

Onboarding & training

We provide comprehensive support to our clients by conducting workshops, corporate training sessions, and masterclasses. This aims to transfer our expertise internally to your content editors and administrators, thus teaching them to manage website content.


Staying competitive in the higher education space requires having a modern website that meets the demands of today’s students. The solutions developed by Attico adhere to the latest standards and requirements, ensuring the best user experience.



If you aren’t sure where to begin with the digitalization of education started after COVID-19, we can assist you with transforming traditional education practices into modern solutions that engage and inspire online learners.

Management decentralization

Attico offers decentralization of educational management to empower stakeholders with the autonomy to manage their learning environments. We provide the tools enabling the website updates by an editor to be transferred internally to the faculty, thereby reducing costs, speeding up the content update, and improving security.


Make learning more fun and enhance motivation through game-like elements such as badges, points, and leaderboards. We integrate gamification into your education website to boost learner engagement.

Role & access management

Our team will help you configure user access controls and permissions to maintain website security. We ensure that each user has access only to the information necessary for their work, and this access can be easily revoked without any coding required.


We help you deliver personalized learning experiences based on a student’s individual preferences, progress, and goals. Leveraging a blend of advanced technology and our expertise ensures the next level of personalization for your educational programs.


We care about web accessibility to make your website available to everyone, regardless of their physical or cognitive abilities.

Why Attico

Values & vibe

At Attico, we are passionate about education and technology. We believe in collaboration, innovation, and making a positive impact in the world of learning. Our team speaks your language and understands your needs. We employ research, brainstorming, and methodological discussions to ensure your project’s success.

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