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Drupal support maintenance services

Get urgent issues resolved quickly and ensure your Drupal site is continuously maintained.


Support scenarios

Attico International provides on-demand and retainer Drupal support services to address your ad-hoc business requirements, technical and security emergencies, and ongoing support needs.

By choosing a retainer of at least 40 hours per month, you get a dedicated support team with guaranteed availability who will take care of your website’s functionality, performance, and security.

We will work with you to define our scope of engagement including but not limited to updates, patches, customizations, and environment management, and will help you set priorities to ensure the flawless performance of your site.

Approach Proactive
Resources Dedicated
Start Scheduled
Price Fixed



Focus on doing your business without worrying about your site maintenance and support. You’ll have a dedicated project manager who responds quickly, sends bi-weekly reports, and assists you in matters of concern to provide you with the experience akin to the one you would get from an in-house team.


Zero debt

Eliminate tech debt that, if not addressed, can accumulate and cause problems such as slow page loading and site outage. To avoid this, we install minor patches every two weeks and core updates every quarter and perform any other tasks required to maintain your site’s health.



Get access to the team of Drupal experts who have experience in developing, modifying, and supporting high-traffic websites for regional stars and global brands. We follow Drupal’s best practices and industry standards to ensure your site is secure and performs well at all times.

Engagement modes

Attico International tailors its engagement to your current business scenario offering either regular support or hypercare in urgent or demanding cases.

Regular SLA

Within the regular mode, we work 12/5 to provide you with a guaranteed response on the same business day. Urgent fixes can be resolved immediately, while others will be scheduled for the coming days or weeks.


In demanding scenarios such as Drupal 7 migration we provide hypercare support to our customers. This means that our team is available 24/7 to address emergencies and answer your questions without delay.

Support levels

Depending on the complexity of the problem that you face, we provide three levels of Drupal support services.

Support levels
L1 support

Our technical manager will give an initial response to your problem and troubleshoot basic issues with your Drupal site.

L2 support

If your issue has a critical impact on website operations and requires more specialized expertise, a team of Drupal experts jumps in.

L3 support

For the most complex technical issues and custom development, we engage senior experts and team leads to help you out.

Optimizing performance

We conduct performance audits and offer optimization to help your website improve its operation and, hence, increase conversion and drive more revenue.

Once a user accesses a page on your Drupal website, content elements and web data get stored in a cache. Over time, the amount of cached data accumulates and takes up valuable space, which can lead to reduced bandwidth and slower page load.

We use Memcached, Varnish Cache, Redis, and BigPipe to sanitize your caching — these tools allow us to set the maximum amount of time that browsers should keep your cached data, define new tags and contexts, and set up ESI blocks to load in separate requests.

Maintenance automation

We incorporate maintenance automation into our processes to allow for a faster and more effective site audit and error detection.

Our Drupal monitoring service detects potential issues before they become major problems. By using such tools as Sentry, New Relic APM, Prometheus, and Grafana Loki, we run monitoring at several levels.

1. Server monitoring
  • Ability of CPU, RAM & HDD to respond to high loads
  • Correct operation of servers, DBs & search engines
  • Proper running of cron jobs
2. DB monitoring

The number of requests per minute and their statuses to be able to respond to a high number of errors

3. App monitoring

Correct work of your site’s business logic, including the number of new registrations, form submissions, and failed logins

4. HTTPS monitoring

Timely update of an SSL certificate and the absence of HTTPS errors

5. PageSpeed monitoring

Decent page speed rate and other insights that influence load times

Maintenance automation
Communication framework

Communication framework

Attico International follows an agile framework with two-week sprints to report and coordinate Drupal support and maintenance services.

We hold regular sprint-planning calls with the team to address any questions or concerns that may arise and let you know about the progress in our bi-weekly reports. This way, we commit ourselves to transparent communication where you are always informed about the status of your Drupal project.

Support & maintenance takeover

Changing your third-party support provider is usually associated with risks, but this is not the case with Attico. By entrusting us with the takeover, you can rest assured that the transfer of knowledge, data, and permissions will occur smoothly in a risk-free environment

Project rescue

Our team has solid experience in rescuing Drupal websites struggling with issues caused by the negligence of other developers. After receiving a request for help we deep dive into the problem, find its reason, and work on resolving it to get your Drupal project back on track.

Migration support

During Drupal 7 to 10 migration, we provide uninterrupted, error-free operability of your site while transferring it to the new version either gradually or all at once. If you need help migrating your site from Drupal 7, get in touch with us.

Business continuity enablement

Versioning the code

Setting up backups

Enhancing security

Sharing knowledge

We implement a range of best practices to quickly restore your site in case of crashing, data loss, or infrastructure failure and to protect it against security threats.

To ensure the continuity of your business in case of a disaster, our team creates a recovery plan tailored specifically to the architecture and environment of your Drupal site.

This plan includes a list of possible risks ranging from high to low probability with a detailed description of measures to reduce their likelihood and eliminate them if they occur.

SEO support

SEO support

At the bare minimum we will help you with setting up alt- and metatags, optimizing your site structure, and implementing data markups.

We help you optimize your website by conducting a SEO audit and providing recommendations to improve your search presence. Based on the outcomes of the steps above, we develop an action plan and implement it step by step to make your site more SEO-friendly.

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