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Multisite Super Platform

A constructor for creating multibrand
and multilingual multisites

Struggling with Expensive and Slow Multisite Development?

Launch your own Open Source-based Multisite Constructor instead of developing a bunch of standalone, different websites. This product has enabled our clients to reduce costs and feature delivery times by 3 to 10 times!


The resulting websites will have the following characteristics:

  • 100% mobile-, GDPR-, and SEO-friendly.
  • Individually designed, according to your company’s guidelines.
  • Centralized control and development through a single core managed by Headquarters.
  • Each developed module can be reused on all sites.
  • Each site’s content can be managed by local teams.

Utilizing Multisite Super Platform is crucial in these use cases:

Your company aims to dramatically reduce development and support costs and has the characteristics and needs described below:

  • 2+ brands with diverse audiences, or 2+ markets, which may be different countries or geographical areas.
  • Each brand has to have its own multilingual multisite. Each market has to have its own website and content editor team.
  • The content on each local website has to vary and be language-localized, including both brand-common and local-specific pieces such as articles, news or videos.
  • An individual design, conforming to the brand's guidelines, is essential for each brand's website.

What your company gets

with the Multisite Super Platform

AI-driven engine

for recommending content for users.

Websites in Chinese,

Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Hebrew and other languages. We excel in developing websites with Right-to-Left interfaces and accessibility features, meeting the requirements of Israel, Canada, Australia and other countries.

Advanced search features

with filters, recommendations, ranking settings and so forth.

And many more!

Ready to boost your company’s online presence?

Let’s discuss how Multisite Super Platform will help you achieve your business goals!


3 examples of how the Multisite Super Platform cuts your costs and streamlines tasks

Use case 1.  40x reduction in ERP System integration cost 

Your brand operates in 40 markets and manages 40 websites. Each website requires integration with a new ERP. Cost of one integration: €2,000


Usual Way:

You would need to integrate each of the 40 websites individually with the ERP.

Costs: 40 * €2,000 = €80,000


With the Super Platform:

We need to integrate ERP only with the Platform's core. Once done, all 40 of your websites are automatically integrated with the ERP.

Costs: 1 * €2,000 = €2,000


Use case 2.  Landing page Builder 

Your local marketing and HR teams need to launch landing pages to attract customers and top candidates. These pages must comply with GDPR and adhere to the brand's guidelines.


Usual Way:

There are challenges in ensuring GDPR compliance, aligning with the brand's guidelines, and having insufficient resources for page creation.


With the Super Platform:

A marketing or HR specialist can use the Super Platform as a landing page builder. By utilizing the Platform's template modules, they can swiftly create the desired sections of a landing page and fill them with content. There's no need to hire technical specialists for landing page development. The landing pages will be GDPR-compliant, and can be integrated with services required for HR or marketing. Each integration can be reused on other websites.


Use case 3. Digital Accessibility Laws 

A brand began operations in Israel and needed to launch a website for this country. In Israel, websites must be compliant with IS 5568, the law related to digital accessibility for persons with disabilities.


Usual Way:

Development of a standalone website with required digital accessibility features. These features can't be reused on other websites.


With the Super Platform:

Development of digital accessibility features as reusable modules. These features were then used on the brand's websites in Australia and Canada, as both countries have similar digital accessibility laws.

Multilingual website

Ready to boost your company’s online presence?

Let’s discuss how Multisite Super Platform will help you achieve your business goals!