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Streamlining Expertise Requests for

How Our Experts Automized and Optimized Expertise Requests for

Drupal support

Key takeaways is a platform for women to share their knowledge and experiences. One of the site’s key functionalities is the ability for visitors to send expertise requests to selected experts. Attico International was asked to implement a more effective system for visitors to send expertise requests to selected experts.

The project requirements, solutions and outcome



In the first version of the site, requests were sent in a simple custom form. The site visitor had to fill in two fields: email address and request description. The data was sent via email to the site's editor for review. The site editor checked the request and, if it passed moderation, manually created a new email and sent it to the expert to whom the request was addressed.


The client wanted to streamline the expertise request process by creating a more efficient and automated system. The goal was to increase the number of new projects the experts received through the site.

What We Did


Attico International proposed and implemented a new system using Drupal content types and separate fields for each question on the expertise request form. Now, visitors can fill out the form on the site, and the content is stored as a separate node in the site database.



  • This new system allows for easier moderation and management of expertise requests.
  • The status of each request is clearly marked, and only published requests are visible to experts.
  • Experts receive notifications about new requests and can easily accept or refuse them with the click of a button.
  • Communication between the expert and request author is then taken offline, but the site team still has access to important statistics on the number of requests and areas of expertise.
Contacting an Expert



The new system allows for a more efficient and automated expertise request process, increasing the number of new projects that the experts received through the site and agreed to participate in. It also allows for more data collection and analysis, providing valuable insights for the site team.


Nuriya Fatykhova Project Manager of

Attico did an excellent job in streamlining our expertise request process.

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