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Transforming a Drupal 9 Site into a PWA for Child Development 

Development Services

How We Developed a Custom Content Recommendation Engine for Child Development with Vue.js, Rest API, and Pantheon Hosting

At Attico, we help businesses enhance their online presence and improve user experiences. We took on a project that involved transforming a Drupal 9 site into a Progressive Web Application (PWA), using cutting-edge technology and personalized recommendations. 

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Creating a native mobile app for iOS and Android would have been too costly and time-consuming for our client. Moreover, they wanted a solution that could work seamlessly across different devices and browsers, without requiring users to download additional software. That’s where a PWA came in handy. With a PWA, we could build an app-like experience that could be accessed from any mobile browser, installed on the home screen, and used offline or with a limited connection.

The Goal

Our client, a provider of educational services, wanted to offer a new way for parents and children to engage with their platform. The platform needed to provide parents with science-based recommendations to improve their child’s cognitive abilities from 6 to 36 months. The application needed to be user-friendly, compatible with various infrastructures, secure, and compliant with security requirements. Additionally, the goal was to publish the application on Google Play and make it available to the largest possible audience, including iOS users.

Our Team

Dzmitry Sidarenka — Project Manager / Business Analytics Lead 
Aliaksei Lyzo — Backend Development Lead
Anton Zavadski — Backend Developer
Volha Tsiamliak — Frontend Development Lead

Key Technology Stack


What we did

Attico International designed the architecture of the child development application from scratch, utilizing Drupal and Vue.js and following the REST architectural style. We adapted the technology stack to the client’s infrastructure and made it compliant with Pantheon hosting, customer’s security requirements, and existing multisites of the brand. Additionally, our team created a custom content recommendation engine based on a science-intensive theory of child development. Google Analytics was added to the app via Google Tag Manager and employed a custom strategy for mobile applications. The application was published on Google Play, and the team made it available for iOS users, offering them a unique experience of installing the application on the home screen and receiving push notifications via emails.



  • The app enabled the client to reach a broader audience of mobile users, who could now access the platform as an app and receive personalized recommendations tailored to their child's learning needs.

  • It reduced the development and maintenance costs, as they no longer needed to build and update multiple native apps for different platforms. 

  • It provided them with valuable data insights on how users interacted with the app, which activities were more popular, and which ones needed improvement.



We befriended PWA with Drupal via the REST API and Vue.js while using the Pantheon hosting to ensure that the app runs smoothly on both Android and iOS devices. Also, we gained knowledge and expertise in developing custom content recommendation engines based on the science-intensive theory of child development from 6 to 36 months using advanced Drupal technologies.


  • The registration success rate was 80%
  • There was a large number of downloads in the early days of the launch of the application on Android
  • The application’s performance and download speed on mobile devices were high
  • The team was able to distribute the application easily among other websites of the client, making the localization of the application to markets (geoorganic regions) in no more than one month.


“It has allowed us to offer a new level of personalization and engagement to our users”.

Client’s representative

Tap into Attico

If you want to leverage the power of Progressive Web Applications and deliver a superior user experience to your mobile users, Attico is here to help. Our team of experts can guide you through the process of designing, developing, and deploying a PWA that meets your business goals and your users' needs. Contact us today to learn more and schedule a meeting with our experts

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