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The Hunter vs. Farmer Sales Model: Finding Harmony in Sales

By Alexandr Pozharenko

In the world of sales, the hunter vs. farmer sales model has emerged as a powerful approach to drive growth and retain customers. This model, like the yin and yang in Eastern culture, emphasizes the complementary nature of two distinct roles working together for optimal results.

The first infographic provides an overview of the different tools and goals associated with the hunter and farmer roles. The hunter, often focused on lead generation and prospecting, utilizes outbound strategies and cold outreach to uncover new opportunities. Their goal is to identify potential leads and qualify them for further engagement. On the other hand, the farmer takes a customer-centric approach, nurturing existing relationships and maximizing customer lifetime value. They focus on providing exceptional customer service, upselling or cross-selling, and ensuring customer satisfaction and retention.

The second infographic illustrates the cycle of interaction between the hunter and farmer roles. It showcases how these roles collaborate throughout the sales process to close deals and retain customers. The cycle begins with lead generation and qualification, where the hunter identifies potential leads and hands them off to the farmer. The farmer then takes over, providing personalized sales pitches, product demos, and negotiations to close the deal. After the sale, the farmer continues to support the customer through onboarding, retention efforts, and identifying upsell opportunities. The cycle repeats as the hunter generates new leads, ensuring a continuous flow of prospects for the farmer to nurture.


In the dynamic world of sales, the hunter vs. farmer sales model has proven to be a winning formula. Like the yin and yang, these two roles complement each other, bringing balance and harmony to the sales process. The hunter's focus on generating new leads and the farmer's emphasis on building and maintaining customer relationships create a powerful synergy that drives growth and customer loyalty.

By incorporating the diverse tools and goals of the hunter and farmer roles and understanding the cycle of interaction between them, sales teams can optimize their performance and achieve long-term success. Embracing the hunter vs. farmer sales model is a strategic choice that harmonizes the pursuit of new business and the nurturing of existing customers, leading to a thriving and prosperous sales organization.

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