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Partnership for digital agencies

Attico may be the missing piece in your business puzzle. Agencies choose Attico as a trusted Drupal partner who helps develop web applications and provides a full-cycle development service.

Do these statements sound familiar to you?

Not enough expertise

and deep technical experience in web development

Under-trained developers

providing inferior service to client

Expensive developers

headhunters always want to steal your best professionals 

Successful exp

Successful experience

Last year with Taikonauten:

  • 2 successfully finished projects,
  • 4000+ hours each
  • 10 current projects on continuous development
  • And big plans for next years

Our partner has stabilized his business after COVID, increased amount of sold hours and got strong symbiotic partnership.

Let’s discuss opportunities

Taikonauten has already made a profit with our collaboration, so why are you still waiting? 


What is your profit from our cooperation?

Stronger expertise

in your company. Stable quality of solutions, architecture, and code reviews.


Our teams integrate each other, share cultures and approaches, share our aims, add up our vectors, and grow thanks to each other.

Increase revenue

by expanding the range of services and raising deliverable hours.

Let’s look at numbers

Clients love to buy full service in one place. Let’s propose it together and you will get double profit.


Client’s order Cost Your stream Attico stream Your profit Attico profit
  • Strategy & Concept
  • Design and UX
  • Account Management
  • Backend Development
  • Frontend Development

€50 Extra profit




We don’t claim on your stream. We can work to your standards (reports, delivery, tracking, RFP…). Our aim is a long-term symbiotic, sustainable partnership where we grow together.


Our steps in collaboration

  1. Write us at or use a contact form on this website
  2. Clarification of your needs
  3. Scheduling a call to discuss ways of working
  4. Agreeing about first tasks (access, rules, scope and cost)
  5. Attico team successfully delivers tasks
  6. Receiving feedback from Stakeholders and polish solutions
  7. Both sides have a clear understanding that we are a good match
  8. Expanding our collaboration to other tasks and projects


Write us

and we will arrange an appointment