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Case Studies

Check out our latest work in Drupal
Development, UI/UX design, e-commerce

API design
Development Services
Drupal and dashboards for data visualization

Attico completed a project for a financial company that required an API design and integration with third-party services. Attico's solution involved using…

the Virtual Assistant
Media, Consultancy, Drupal Audit, Development Services
Engaging Virtual Assistant Improves User Registration Process for is a project about women who share their knowledge and experiences.

Artec Academy
Education, FMCG, Development Services, Drupal SEO
Artec Academy

system for learning how to work with Artec 3D

Drupal - 1C integration
FMCG, Development Services
Promedica: Drupal 1C integration

Our client clinic "Promedica" was founded in 2010 and is currently a federal network of multidisciplinary medical centers. The centers provide a…

Drupal - CIAM integration
FMCG, Development Services
Drupal - CIAM integration

Customer identity and access management (CIAM) enables organizations to securely capture and manage customer identity and profile data, as well as control…